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pulimoottil Silk House  was established by Mr.Ouseph Ouseph about 75 years ago. pulimoottil silk house has now become a well established whole sale and retail textile store cum showroom in Thodupzha town pulimoottil also has a large variety of

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ready made Shirts , Pants , Sarees ,Suits of different good companies .The men's wear in the shop is of good quality and hence it will meet the modern man's International standards of status of quality. Suits of different well known companies such as Zodiac , Zero, Dunhil, Oxemberg ,Crocdile ,Touch etc.

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Silk sarees with all varieties of Banarees and Kancheepuram sarees are now available at pulimoottil. Cotton sarees , Calcutta cotton sarees and kerala type sarees are found in plenty with full range of selection.

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Ready made women's wear is now available at pulimoottil. Large quantities of Churidars of all sizes and shapes which are made in North Indians cities of Bombay, Ahamedabad, Culcutta are available along with those made in Kerala locally. Other women's wear now available are two piece Middie, Latcha and Choly
dress1 copy1.jpg (17728 bytes) In children's wear section Frocks for girls and Baba Suit of good range and quality is now available. For Boys new stocks of Trousers and Shirts of different sizes and design has arrived. They are of new fashion with brand new colours.

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img2 copy1.jpg (16666 bytes) pulimoottil Silk House has now a large section with a selection range of furnishing materials for interior room furnishing use.These materials are of high quality and is made by big companies in Bombay. 

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Since they are of good quality they are long lasting and durable in use.
Curtain material now available at pulimoottil is of excellent quality in nature.  They are available in all colours and in different shades and design. They will add beauty and glamour to your bedrooms and drawing room.Bed spreads from Jaipur in Rajasthan and Erode in Tamil Nadu is Economical and durable for the use by common man. These materials are shrink free and colour fade free and long lasting in nature. img3 copy1.jpg (17070 bytes)





imgcopy1 copy.jpg (21454 bytes) pulimoottil silk house as a big wholesale section for supplies of all kinds of textile goods and ready-mades for supply to local textile shops in and around Thodupuzha. Due to its excellent  performance


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and hard work pulimoottil Silk House has come a long way to become a house hold name and trade mark of durability in Thodupuzha in textile sales.
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