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Place worth visting in and around Thodupuzha

St.George Church, Muthalakodam
Muthalakodam is a parish centre located 3 km. east of the well-known Thodupuzha Town. Muthalakodath Muthappan ( is the patron St.George Church, Muthalakodamsaint of the St.Geroge Church at Muthalakodam . It is one of the most ancient churches in kerala founded in the name of St.geroge .It is believed to have been set up in the 19th century by an ancient noble lady named Kappathiaramma , a member of the Mylaconbu parish. The first church reached a dilapidated state in the last decade of the 19th century was re-built. It was re-built several times since then. Today's magnificent church was built in the year 1973.

The statue of at this  church is the only one of its kind and a similar one is not known to exist elsewhere in kerala. The saint has his face tilted towards left and has a beard. It is believed to have been sculpted abroad and is highly artistical.

Hundreds of people came daily to worship the saint at this church. It is the firm belief of the faithful that if you pray fervently your plea will be granted wothout fail. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

The feast of Muthalakodath Muthappan is celebrated every year on April 21, 22, 23 & 24 , the main feast days being 23rd & 24th. The incessant flow of worshippers starts by sunrise every day and continues unabated till 8 o'clock when the church closes.

Thodupuzha Town Church.
Thodupuzha Town is located on the banks of Thodupuzha River, a perennial river which doesn't dry up in the wrost summer. Christians, Hindus and Muslims live close to each other. The earliest church built atThodupuzha Town Church. Thodupuzha is the Chunghom St.Mary's church. One and half centuries ago, the st.Michael's church at Thenomkunnu was built to meet the religious needs of the catholic community at Thenomkunnu. In due course, the Catholic population in Thodupuzha increased many fold and there was a dire need for building a bigger church. plot was acquired in 1959 and the Thodupuzha Town Church was completed in 1964. Under the town church parish, there are 803 families and 3756 parishoners. There are 2 monasteries and 8 convents under the parish. The L.P., U.P. and HIgh Schools function close to the church. There are also institutions taking care of the mentally retarded and physically handicapped. There are several other institutions actively engaged in the fields of nursing, education, social service and cultural upliftment of the parishoners. The parish has contributed 6 priests and 15 nuns to the service of the God.

Sreekrishnaswamy Temple
Sreekrishnaswamy Temple, Thoudpuzha where the thousands come to worship No records are available to establish the age of this temple and the Sreekrishnaswamy Temple, Thoudpuzhatimes in which it was set up. It is widely believed that many centuries ago a travelling sanyasi, well versed in Vedic knowledge, was travelling from place to place and spent same time in a forest resembling Vrindavan on the banks of Thodupuzha River. In a blessed moment he had the version of Lord Krishna .He cleansed himself immediately in the river, lit a lamp, cooked 'naivedyam' and offered it to the Lord. It was on a Chothi day in the month of meenam. Worship of Lord Krishna started at that place from then onwards. That was the origin of today's Sree Krishna Temple. The annual Chothiyoott (Chothi feast) at this temple, where food is served to all worshippers, is famous and traditional. Old timers are of opinion that the setting up the deity andthe construction of the temple were carried out by the Raja of Keezhmalainad with his base at Karicodu.The temple is now administered by a a Board of trustees with Shri Pradeepam Namboothiripad as the Managing Trustee. The annual festival at Sree Krishnaswamy Temple is celebrated with the donations from the general public and their fullest co-operation. The Trust is helped in its administration by a governing body elected from the general public.

Thodupuzha Karicodu Bhagavathi temple
The celebrated Kumba Bharani at Karicodu Temple is a festival of the unity of the people of that place. The Bhagavathi Temple and the Thodupuzha Karicodu Bhagavathi temple Bharani festival have a long history dating back to centuries. The festival is on the auspecious days of Revathi, Aswathy and Bharni of the Kumbha month. The Devi is believed to have been born on the Aswathy day. On that day thousands of people from all parts of the country come to Devi temple with 'thalapoli' and offer money and grains to please the Godess.

Uravappara Temple
The Sree Subramanya Swami Temple at Olamattom, Thodupuzha is URAVAPPARA TEMPLEglittering as a crown of the hilly district of Idukki. This temple is known as "Malayala Palani" and is situated at at a height of 500 ft above the sea level. The presiding diety, "Bala Subramanyan" is neither installed by any "Thantry" or any other spiritual head by rituals but is self born, the legens says.

The annual festival of the temple is being conducted in Makaram (M.E.) each year on the day of the "Pooyam Star". The "Abhishekathirtham" from the temple is seen flowing to the bottom of the rock and hence the name "Uravappara".

It is believed that the Pandavas during their excile, resided on this hill top also and used this temple premises. The three big boulders now seen there are believed to have been used by them as oven in their kitchen. Further it is believed that when water was not available for the Poojas, Bhiman forcibly applied his foot on the rock and immediately a spring came out. The Bhima Foot shape pond is also seen there.

The main offerings to the Diety are Salt and Pepper in addition to Silver and Gold Ferms of human beings.

Nayanaru Mosque, Karikode


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